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Miss You, Papa

Elmer in September 2012

After eighty-seven years of hard work and dedication to his ranch and family, Elmer Roberti passed away in October 2012. Although he is greatly missed, his family takes great comfort in knowing that as Christians they will be reunited with Elmer.


Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household. Acts 16:31

Roberti Grandchildren

Weston, Katie, Kristin, Jenny and Ben

It is our desire to see the grandchildren come back to work on the ranch, but mostly we want them to find a career and community that they enjoy and love as much as we love ours.


Five great things about growing up in Loyalton:

  • A special place where everybody knows everyone
  • 4-H and FFA
  • Small schools and great teachers 
  • 4th of July parade and Rotary picnic
  • Community support

Brother and Sister

Elmer and his sister, Elia (Roberti) Miles

Elia was born in 1920 on the Wherty place, which now is a part of Roberti Ranch. Born in Reno, Nevada, her younger brother Elmer arrived five years later. The two siblings were special friends and they started working on the family dairy at a very young age. Elia and Elmer attended Island Schoolhouse, a one-room school that sat at the north end of Heriot Lane about three miles from their home. Though they only attended school through the eighth grade, both students were well-educated. Elia married Bruce Miles in 1941, and ever since then she has lived on their small farm outside of Loyalton where they raised three children. A remarkable woman who loves the Lord, Elia still lives in her own home at the age of 95.    

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