ROBERTI RANCH Celebrating 100 Years 1923 - 2023
ROBERTI RANCHCelebrating 100 Years1923 - 2023

Miss You, Papa

Elmer in September 2012

After eighty-seven years of dedication to the ranch and his family, Elmer Roberti passed away in October 2012. Although he is greatly missed, his family takes great comfort in knowing that they will be reunited with Elmer as Christians.


"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household."         

Acts 16:31

Brother and Sister: Elmer and Elia

Elmer and his sister, Elia (Roberti) Miles

Elia was born in 1920 on the Wherity Place, now part of Roberti Ranch. Born in Reno, Nevada, her younger brother Elmer arrived five years later. The two siblings were special friends, and they started working on the family dairy at a very young age. Elia and Elmer attended Island Schoolhouse, a one-room school at the north end of Heriot Lane about three miles from their home. Though they only attended school through the eighth grade, both students were well-educated. Elia married Bruce Miles in 1941, and they lived on their small farm outside of Loyalton, where they raised three children. Elia, a remarkable woman who loved the Lord, passed away on October 24, 2019.    

The Next Generation

Helen Roberti surrounded by the next generation: (from left to right) Samantha Roberti, Ben Roberti, Weston Roberti, Katie Roberti, Jay Gant, Kristin Roberti, and Jenny (Roberti) Gant
Jenny, Eden, Ella, Jay, and Emmett

Jenny married Jayson Gant in 2014. Jim Roberti told Jay he was welcome to work at the ranch, and Jay thought ranching was a very attractive lifestyle. Jay appreciates working on various ranching tasks, but his primary focus is irrigation and farming. They moved to the ranch in 2017, where they are now happily raising their three children, Emmett, Ella, and Eden, along with a variety of farm animals. 

Ben and Samantha with their children (from left to right) Natalia, Luna, Giovanni, and Emilia

Ben has been working alongside his father (Jim Roberti) at the ranch since around the age of 13, doing various jobs. His skillsets continued evolving as he returned home each summer from college to help at the family ranch. After graduating college, Ben completed his teaching certificate, intending to become a high school history teacher. However, he quickly realized his true calling was waiting for him back in the fields of the family ranch. He loves the variety each day brings while offering flexibility and the ability for family closeness. Ben continues to expand his ranch resume while raising his four kids alongside his wife, Samantha. 

Weston and Newman

As a child, Weston always knew he wanted to work on the ranch someday. After graduating from Chico State University with a degree in agriculture in 2014, he moved back home. His decision was greatly influenced by the passing of his grandpa in 2012. Weston wanted to work with his dad, just like Rick had worked with Elmer for many years. Rick and Weston have been a good team ever since, as they care for the livestock and the land.

Katie and her French Bulldog Koko

Upon starting college, Katie quickly knew that working to keep farmers and ranchers in business and preserving their way of life was what she wanted to do. In 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communication from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She later obtained a Master of Arts in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno. Since January 2018, Katie has worked for the California Cattlemen's Association. She is now the Association's Director of Communications, working alongside her dad, who joined the organization's officer team in 2020. Katie's goal is to use her multimedia skills to share about California agriculture and ranching families with others.


Kristin Roberti is currently studying agriculture at the College of Southern Idaho. She plans to learn the most she can while at school and return it to the home operation. She grew up in a tractor, but her father, Dave Roberti, taught her many lessons on the ranch. He taught Kristin how to help run the ranch and to follow the Lord.


Kristin says, "This ranch and my family have built me into the person I am today, and I am forever grateful."

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